A Very Special Partnership

The Mid-Atlantic Pediatric Society is an academic organization made up of pediatric medical practitioners and pediatric allied health care professionals throughout the region. QPNA is the not for profit administrative umbrella for MAPS. The primary mission of the Mid-Atlantic Pediatric Society is to bring cutting edge technology and pharmaceutical modalities to pediatric professionals in New Jersey and the Tri-State area. MAPS is committed to assisting pediatric practices in their efforts to deliver the finest medical care to children.

Through grants made to Quality Physician’s Network of America (QPNA), MAPS has been able to offer free CME credits to medical professionals on a continuing basis. MAPS is 100% volunteer. We do not pay honorariums to guest lecturers. We do not charge a membership fee. We are non-partisan and not politically affiliated. We do partner with numerous organizations in programs that will improve the quality of health care delivery to children. Some of these programs focus on vaccine delivery and compliance, asthma intervention, diagnosis and management of bleeding disorders, and anti-microbial use and resistance. These are only a few of the many programs that MAPS has sponsored over the past 20 years.

With the arrival of the new millennium, MAPS expanded its focus to include practice management with special interest in Electronic Claims and Medical Records, Coding, and issues that strengthen the infrastructure of pediatric practices. We also made a concerted effort to bring together medical practitioners with school nurses, state and local department of health officers, social workers, psychologists, and educators. We understand that the physical and emotional well-being of children requires teamwork.

In 1998, a small group of the pediatricians and allied health care specialists, affiliated with the Mid-Atlantic Pediatric Society (MAPS), met together to discuss the formation of The Children's Emergency Medical Fund. Our hope in founding CEMF was to fill a void in meeting the needs of chronically and critically ill children throughout the state and the nation. Given the extraordinary talent that comprises our membership, this seemed to be the next logical step in assuring that every child receives the highest quality health care.

The primary mission of the Children's Emergency Medical Fund is to make funds and services available within 24 hours of request. These services include medical care, prescription and non-prescription medications, nutritional supplements, assistive technology/equipment, counseling, emergency funding for electric, heat clothing and groceries.

CEMF also provides educational outreach and advocacy services. Children and their families are referred to the organization through pediatric offices, hospitals, clinics and numerous not for profit organizations. The Children's Emergency Medical Fund has never turned a child away.

In 2007, MAPS/QPNA in conjunction with CEMF and Gateway NW Maternal & Child Health Network launched a campaign to assure that, with parental consent, every child in New Jersey is immunized with flu vaccine and those high risk infants and toddlers requiring the Palivizumab RSV antibody have access to this regimen. Flu and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) are a major health threat to children. Each year millions of dollars are spent on hospitalizations to treat children with flu and RSV adding to the healthcare financial crisis in New Jersey. The majority of children admitted for flu and RSV are indigent and reside in poor neighborhoods. Developing new delivery strategies targeting these areas is critical to decreasing in-patient admissions and thwarting potential epidemics.

We mail CEMF CD ROM's to pediatricians, medical centers and social service agencies throughout the state. The CD illustrates the services that CEMF provides and information resources. We encourage the recipients to reproduce the CD and hand it out to families. The majority of the funding for this project has been funded by MAPS/QPNA. We are now offering, on CD, power point presentations of our MAPS/QPNA Continuing Medical Education (CME) lectures and look forward to offering CME credits online.

The Mid-Atlantic Pediatric Society/Quality Physician’s Network of America and our foundation, The Children’s Emergency Medical Fund of New Jersey, are proud of our accomplishments. We encourage young people to pursue careers in pediatric medicine and pediatric allied health care. We look forward to expanding our programs and building our membership. Please feel free to contact us for information regarding membership and upcoming programs at: qpna@qpna.org


QPNA & CEMF are 501 (c) (3) not for profit tax exempt corporations

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